Form dig som en kugle (2020)

3D-map, photogrammetry, animation, voice over
Video with sound
Total lenght: 12:56

Sound design by Søren Vøgg Lyster
Voice over by Maja Schwaner

Form dig som en kugle is a map over Aarhus (DK), where Penney lived when she was suffering from depression in 2018. By clicking the hotspots on the map, the viewer is drawn into five different animations of 3D scanned rooms which were all central in her treatment. The videos are accompanied by text excerpts from psychiatric journals mixed with personal notes from the period. 

Thanks to Psykiatrien Aarhus Universitetshospital, Åbyhøj Lægehus, Yo Studios Aarhus, Psykologerne i Borgergade, Mind Body/ Jytte Munkholm.