Selected exhibitions

Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling 21-Digital, censored exhibition, Kunsthal Aarhus, March 2021 (upcoming).
Connections, Photographic Exploration Project, group show, Klan Galerei, Berlin, April 2021 (upcoming).
Dailog, group show, GIBCA extended, 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg, October 2021 (upcoming).

Mindful AI, LUFTKYS art group, online exhibition, November 2020.
We’ve Been Sent a Strange Sign, group show, Landskrona Photo Festival, September 2020.
UGot Distance, BFA degree show, group show, online exhibition, May 2020.
In Your Interface, group show, online exhibition, March 2020.
Be The First To Never Be Lonely Again, solo show, Galleri Blunk, Trondheim, February 2020.
Where To Begin? (Omitted Kodachrome Slides), solo show, Støberiet, Copenhagen, August 2019.
I Feel U: 150719-1991, LUFTKYS art group, part of Aarhus Artspace, Rum46, July 2019.
Solo show without title, part of Aarhus Artspace, Rum46, July 2019.
Important Information For The Students at Akademin Valand, Gallery Entrance, Gothenburg, April 2019.
Ordna Livat – Sjutton Böker, group show, Göteborgs Stadsmuseum, January-March 2019.
DIAGNOSE, Papercut Issues, group show, Skabelonstårnet, Copenhagen, February 2019.
Harmony AI, LUFTKYS art group, Gothenburg, October 2018.
Harmony AI, LUFTKYS art group, Eksilfestival at HAUT, Sort/Hvid scene, Copenhagen, September 2018.
InstaMoment No. 1, LUFTKYS art group, performance, Aarhus Burns, July 2018.


Rytmeovervågning, Satin 300 GSM, Gothenburg, January 2020.
Excerpts from C M P, Visual Cortex Magazine issue #1, Malmö, January 2020.
Excerpts from C M P, Papercut Issues, DIAGNOSE, Copenhagen, January 2019.


Suzanne Ciani Tribute Compilation - SØNTH collective, 2021 (upcoming). 

Remix Compilation 1 - SØNTH collective, 2020. 

Tryouts of Proper Synonyms For Love - Got No Filter, 4-track EP, 2019.

Fancy A Dream? - Got No Filter, 4-track EP, 2017. 


BFA in Fine Art Photography, HDK-Valand, Gothenburg, 2020.

BA in Musicology, University of Copenhagen, 2016.

Department of Radio Television and Film, University of Texas at Austin, 2016.