Iphone note 24/02/2019 – 18:05

I document institutions. Established systems and new technologies. Register and record.
Why are the walls white? Can you express sympathy in medical journals?

I log my feelings. Register my sleep and my drinking habits. Write notes on my cell phone.
Analyse my choice of words. Have I too much of a zapper-brain to correct spelling mistakes?

I install Tinder when I feel alone. When the future stresses me. It’s not alway easy to understand emojis. How does one show feelings through an app?

I have difficulties when things are not said out loud. So I hope you will ask.

I’m a part of:
Luftkys Art Group, Copenhagen
Got No Filter, electropop band, Copenhagen
SØNTH collective, Copenhagen
EQLovesMusic, Gothenburg

2017-2020: Fine Art Photography, Akademin Valand, Gothenburg
2016-2017: KBH Film & Fotoskole, Copenhagen
2015-2016: Moody College of Communication, University of Texas, Austin
2013-2016: Bachelor in Musicology, University of Copenhagen

+45 20498906